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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

NRGkick's motto is "Charge quickly, anywhere". That's exactly what the Austrian company offers with its mobile charger for electric cars. As if your charging station was included in your cable, you have access to electricity everywhere and can charge up to 22 kW. Safety, quality and simplicity are NRGkick's priorities. The company has already won numerous awards and prizes.

Carplug opinion: an excellent mobile charging station. Thanks to the integrated leakage current detector, it works even in sockets where a classic mobile terminal does not work. NRGkick fulfills all the functionalities of a bollard, with adjustable power and adaptation to all sockets: 220V, P17 (camping), three-phase 16 or 32A. With the adapter kit you can charge literally anywhere, in complete safety.

With NRGKick mobile charging stations, you can charge your electric car wherever you want. The brand's electric car charging models allow you to charge your Type 2 vehicle anywhere, with adjustable charging power from 2.3 to 22 kW, depending on the model you choose.
Enjoy the same quality of service as at a fixed electric charging station, but anywhere in the world with a mobile and easily transportable charger! Plug the NRGKick cable into the outlet of your choice, it automatically detects the type of outlet, adjusts its power and the electric charging begins.
No installation or safety measures are required: a safety device is already integrated into the mobile charging station, so you can charge your vehicle with peace of mind. With the NRGKick Bluetooth application, you can track all your consumption in real time.

Since a Renault Zoë can be charged in just one hour, NRGKick mobile charging stations also save a lot of time compared to a traditional cable, which can take up to 10 hours for such an operation.
Choose the fastest and most economical charging solution with NRGKick! If you want to charge your vehicle in several places (for example, at home and at work), use a single charger for electric cars instead of installing multiple charging stations.