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There are so many benefits you can get by installing a charging station at home or at the office.

By having the charging station installed you will guarantee safety, saving money, and having a full battery on the road so less worry.

Charging speed:

Simply, Your domestic socket at home can deliver up to 3.7kW meanwhile, most chargers and public charging stations offer rates up to 22kW. To consider how fast you can charger your electric car will depend on the battery capacity and the charging power that the station deliver. This way you will ensure going on a trip or to work with full battery.


If the car battery is directly connected to the grid that means it will charge full power all the electricity from your home. Can you imagine for a while using an airfryer for continues 10 hours? As 10 hours is the time needed to have the battery fully charged in most cases, and for sure using a regular socket at home will even take much longer as it offers lower power.

Using an electric charging station, will take care of your car and house's safety.

Money Saver:

Because a charging station is very smart, it will help you to save money on electricity expenses and bills. In most countries the electricity is cheaper in certain timings during the day. This means you can start your charging automatically off the peak hours with a click using your smart phone. You can charge very late at night or very early morning.

Keep a track:

Most of our electric chargers we offer at Carplug having the options to be connected to an app on your smartphone. That will enable you to know when your car is fully chargers, as well as control the power current and adjust it through the application.

Everything you need is at your disposal.

If you wish to know more information of which charging station can be suitable for you, don't hesitate to call our experts to give you the assistance you need.