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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

Since 2009, KEBA has been producing intelligent charging stations that are suitable for all electric vehicles. The company has become one of the leading suppliers in this field. With the KeContact P30 series, the third generation of KEBA charging stations, KEBA is setting standards for the simple and fast charging of electric vehicles. With its know-how, KEBA offers solutions that drive the energy turnaround.

Carplug's opinion: we have chosen to distribute KEBA charging stations because they adapt to your installation and not the other way around. There are two main reasons for this: the power, which can be adjusted from 2 to 22 kW at the push of a button, and an integrated leakage current detector, which requires that an upstream type A differential circuit breaker is sufficient. No longer will a customer send their terminal back to us because they don't have the right power available. With Keba, any user can change the power supply of their bollard themselves in 30 seconds.

Carplug offers you a selection of charging stations and accessories from KEBA, a real reference in the electric mobility market. Since 2009, the brand distributes smart electric charging stations compatible with all models of electric cars (Tesla, Renault Zoë and many more).
Discover the KeContact P30 series, the third generation of KEBA electric car charging stations. There is a suitable solution for every need in this range, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle quickly (up to 10 times faster than at a household socket) and easily.
Whether you want to install a charging station in a private home, in a garage, in a company parking lot or outdoors, Keba charging stations fit perfectly into any space and offer electric car charging solutions that meet your expectations and can be adapted to the available electrical power.

If you want to install an electric car charging station in a private home, choose a keba c series charging station, specifically designed for domestic use. As a specialist in smart charging, Keba equips its c-series charging stations with communication interfaces that enable controlled charging via various home automation systems. If you want to install a charging station in your company, choose keba x-series electric car charging stations, which allow network integration and management of up to 15 c-series charging stations.
All keba charging stations are robust and durable, weatherproof and shockproof, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.