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How to choose a home or an office EV charger for your car?

Carplug helps you to choose the right wallbox or charging socket for your needs.

For individuals and professionals there are different solutions for recharging electric cars.

Charging station for electric vehicles at home:

To recharge your car at home, you can opt for a type 2 or type 1 cable on a standard socket with an adapter or for a reinforced socket or choose the installation of an electric terminal.

The use of a standard plug is certainly the most economical solution because it does not require any particular installation but it is also the least optimal solution. The charging time will be longer due to a much lower charging power. This solution remains the least secure because of the risk of overheating and disconnection.

The reinforced electrical socket such as the Green up socket, allows to secure the domestic recharge of the electric vehicle with a shorter charging time.

Finally, the wallbox is more expensive but remains the optimal solution to recharge your electric car quickly and safely.

There are solutions to further secure your car's electric recharge such as differential switches, circuit breakers and emission triggers.

Finally, for more freedom, mobile charging stations are also available for sale and allow you to charge your vehicle anywhere, anytime.

Vehicle charging station for condominiums, companies and communities:

For private parking lots, charging stations for condominiums are perfectly adapted. These are collective electric charging stations that will allow the best management of the charging of several electric vehicles and its billing.

For companies and public parking lots, the Keba, Alfen and Evbox Business Line charging stations are designed to meet their needs. They can be sold with a management software and an RFID card system. To determine the tariffs and to control the access to the stations, the charging stations with paid access are also an ideal solution for communities and public parking lots.

These stations are generally designed for fast charging of electric cars.

Which charging station for which electric car?

The charging power of an electric car can vary, which will affect the charging time but also the range and the number of km possible before the next charge.

The majority of electric vehicles have a type 2 socket and can therefore be recharged with t2 t2 cables. It can also be a t1 socket, in which case you will need a t2 t1 cable.

Whether it's for charging a Tesla, a Renault Zoe, a Nissan or a Citroen, the socket and the charging power are the two criteria to check when selecting the right charging station or the right charging cable.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals who will advise you on our products and their use.