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Wallbox Buying Guide: The Benefits of a Charging Station for your company parking lot

The use of an electric car is becoming the new norm. The energy transition puts these vehicles in the spotlight and encourages more responsible mobility. The law is gradually supporting this evolution, which makes it easier to integrate electric cars. Installing an electric wallbox in a public parking lot has many advantages for the user but also and especially for companies.

Wallboxes & branding

nstalling a wallbox in your company's parking lot reflects a positive image of your brand: innovative, responsible and attentive to its customers.
The environment is a global subject that affects all audiences. At the center of the concerns of a large majority, sharing this interest and proving your investment by the implementation of concrete actions enhances your company in the eyes of your customers and your potential new customers.
Companies play an important role in the respect of the environment and are often put at the heart of the debates, to stand out by the installation of wallboxes within a public parking lot is an important step which will have a direct impact on your image and is to be taken into account in your brand strategy.

Car recharging in parking lots: a way to diversify your services

Another benefit that directly affects your business strategy is the diversification of your activity and services. Indeed, installing parking spaces with wallboxes will allow you to get an additional profit. Charging stations with paying access are ideal to have a follow-up and to choose freely the charging price. A customer with an electric car to charge will be even more satisfied with their experience at your location because of this extra service, which gives you a significant competitive advantage.
A parking lot with wallboxes for electric cars also becomes a waiting point. The time to recharge a car can sometimes be long, so the time to visit or shop will also be lengthened. An additional way to build loyalty and convert.
These charging points are also a way to attract new customers.
Choosing to invest in the installation of electric wallboxes for parking can be a real marketing asset. Brand image, customer experience, increased traffic, loyalty and conversion are all benefits that can be achieved by transforming your parking lot into a charging point for electric cars.

The law and wallboxes on parking lots

As explained above, the law is gradually being defined, promoting the energy transition and encouraging responsible mobility. Today, companies are required to have a certain number of parking spaces for electric charging stations. The obligations vary according to the sector to which they belong. Businesses in the service sector, industry, shops, cinemas and public services with parking lots are concerned by this law.
Anticipating the evolution of the laws and adapting the infrastructure to the future obligations now will allow you to take advantage of this booming market before it is taken over by your competitors.

Which electric wallbox to choose for a public parking?

There is a multitude of electric wallboxes for parking lots and public charging stations, with paying access or intended for private company parking lots. The options are wide and depend above all on your needs.
At Carplug you can find wallboxes for electric cars classified by use. For private company parking lots, wallboxes with RFID cards or Plug & Play will only allow your employees to recharge their vehicles. For businesses, wallboxes with a chargeable fee are the most suitable. Fast charging wallboxes (DC) can also be considered. Finally, for public parking lots, public wallboxes are ideal.

You want to know more about the installation of a wallbox on a private parking lot for public use?

For more information, please contact our team of professionals who will advise you on our products and the use of our wallboxes, electric car charging cables and accessories.

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