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Buying guide for electric wallboxes: the different types of plugs for electric cars

There are several ways to charge your electric vehicle: charging stations, wallboxes, electric cables and reinforced plugs, public charging stations or mobile charging stations. All these installations have different plugs: type 2, type 1 or Combo plug. In this guide, Carplug explains which socket and which charging solution is best suited to your electric car and your needs.

Public charging stations

It is possible to recharge your vehicle at public charging stations. These stations are located in public or semi-private parking lots and are managed by local authorities or businesses.
It is possible to have access to paying charging station or to wallboxes with limited access by RFID card. The owner of the recharging station can then provide you with an access card.
Generally, the public stations offer standard and accelerated powers up to 22W or fast charging (DC).

Charging station sockets

The majority of public charging stations in Europe are of type 2 on the vehicle side. This is the European standard offered on most electric vehicles. On the charging station side, the plug will generally be a Combo plug, also defined as the European standard.

Wallboxes and home charging stations

The wallbox is a good solution when you own an electric vehicle. It has many advantages:
- you benefit from a secure installation adapted to the electrical supply of your home. The electric wallboxes for private use cannot generally go above 22W.
- you can schedule your charging at predefined times and modify the power level for standard or accelerated charging.
- you save time thanks to a wallbox always available and a reduced charging time compared to a standard domestic socket.

Electric wallboxes in condominiums

The installation of an electric charging station in a condominium meets specific standards. New and recent residences are required to have 10% of their residents' spaces for electric vehicles. For older residences, the resident can request the installation of a charging station by meeting several requirements including the presence or installation of an individual meter and the compliance of the general electrical panel of the common areas..

Sockets for private or condominium wallboxes

Several possibilities exist. Depending on your electric vehicle, you can choose between a type 2 or type 1 socket. On the wallbox side, the socket can be a type 2 or a combo socket.

Mobile charging stations

The alternative solution to installing a wallbox or charging in public places is the mobile electric car charging station. This is a charging cable perfect to allow you to choose the charging power. Easily transportable, there are cables with a box for standard domestic or industrial plugs.

The plugs of the mobile wallboxes for electric vehicles

Designed to meet a nomadic need, the mobile wallboxes for electric cars must be compatible with domestic or industrial sockets. Thus, on the vehicle side you can also opt for a type 1 or 2 socket, while the other side can be compatible with a domestic or industrial socket or be equipped with an adapter. The products are designed to comply with safety standards.

Electric car charging cables

Electric car charging cables do not usually allow control of the power delivered to the vehicle during charging. Like the mobile electric car charging stations or wallboxes, they are available in different models compatible with the desired type 2 (station side) - type 2 (vehicle side) or type 2 (station side) - type 1 (vehicle side) plugs.

Want to know more about plugs for charging an electric car?

For more information, please contact our team of professionals who will advise you on our products and the use of our wallboxes, electric car charging cables and accessories.

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