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Buying guide for electric wallboxes: price & cost of an electric charging station

The price of a wallbox can vary according to its use: personal, collective in a building or in a company, public or private. Many indicators are taken into account in the price of a charging station for electric cars: the installation, the model of the wallbox, the options it may contain (management module, RFID, payment management...).

The price of installing a wallbox

We are talking here about wallboxes and not about other charging solutions for electric cars such as charging cables or mobile electric stations.
Whether you are an individual, a professional or a community, the intervention of a certified electrician is mandatory for the installation of an electric wallbox. The first element to count in the price of a charging station, apart from its purchase, will be the workmanship of a certified professional electrician.
In addition to your wallbox for electric vehicles, it is also mandatory to install electrical protections such as a circuit breaker and a differential switch on a line dedicated to the charging station.

The price of a charging station for electric cars

The price of a wallbox can vary greatly between different models. There are products adapted to individuals and others to communities and companies.
In order to choose the right model, it is first necessary to calculate the available charging power for your wallbox, especially in individual homes. To do this, you need to calculate the maximum power at which your main circuit breaker limits your electrical consumption. Deduct from this result your instantaneous consumption, you will then have the remaining power for your wallbox. Following the result obtained, you will be able to choose a suitable model.
If you are a private individual, the domestic wallbox is adapted to your electrical network and ensures greater security and a shorter recharging time than a reinforced socket.
The price of a wallbox depends on its power but also on the functionalities it offers (charging management, wifi & bluetooth connection to monitor consumption, adaptation of the charging power...). Many brands offer wallboxes adapted to a domestic use: Circontrol, LegrandEvbox and many others.
For business wallboxes, other options are added: plug & play, RFID card, 3G connection, payment management software and many others.
Finally, collective wallboxes for condominiums are often more expensive because they include software to manage billing and consumption records for each user.

The power consumption of a wallbox

After the installation of a wallbox, there is still one criterion to take into account when calculating the cost of a wallbox: its power consumption.
It is not possible to define an average consumption, many criteria come into play. The monthly cost of a wallbox for electric cars depends on the following points among others

- The vehicle and its range (the cost of recharging a Zoe will be different from that of a Tesla, for example)
- The power of the wallbox
- The consumption habits (frequency of recharging, kilometers traveled/day).

The installation of a charging station for electric cars will in any case be more interesting than a charging on a public wallbox..

Want to know more about the price of a wallbox and the cost of charging an electric car?

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our experts who will advise you on our products and the use of our wallboxescables and accessories for your electric car.

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