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Do I need to install an electric car charging station at home or in the office?

Charging your electric car with a charging station is safer, faster and cheaper. Safer because the charger is intelligent and controls the flow of energy through the cable. Fast, because charging with a charger is about eight times faster than with a cable. And cheaper, because you can charge your car off-peak when electricity is cheaper than usual so you can save on electricity bills.

Speed up the charging process

Charging your car with a smart charger is about ten times faster than charging with a simple cable! Most chargers and public charging stations provide up to 22 kW of power, while your household outlet can only provide up to 3.7 kW, with 2.3 kW being the maximum recommended power. How fast you can ultimately charge your car depends on your car's battery capacity and the actual charging power available.

Save money

Electricity is often cheaper in the late evening or early morning hours. So you can save money during these times. Because these are the typical times when not so many people use electricity. You can use your phone to control when charging should start or end.

Make sure your car is charged every day:

A charging station ensures that your electric car is always fully charged, so you're safe on the road or on a long haul. The charging process is efficient and you can track it on your smartphone.

Ensure Safety

You might think you could just take a connector cable, plug it into your car, and plug the other end into any power outlet, is it right? But it's not that simple. A car battery plugged directly into your home's main power supply. Have you ever used a hot air fryer for 10 hours or more? That's about the time it takes most electric cars to fully charge a battery. The longer the current flows, the hotter the cables get. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is not safe to connect the car directly to the mains with a so-called Mode 1 charging cable.

Most cars nowadays are equipped with a Mode 2 charging cable, a simple cable, but with a device that interrupts the charging process in case of emergency. You can connect it directly to the mains, and it is suitable for all types of car charging plugs. However, this is not the safest way to charge because it is a direct connection to the mains. Charging for a long time can have the same effects as with a Mode 1 cable. And there is another important factor: you can charge your car very slowly.

Find our list of charging stations which will help you to ensure all the points mentioned above:

1- Home charging stations

2- Business charging stations

If you wish to avoid extra installation costs, Carplug offers you a range of mobile charging stations to charge at home or workplace.

If you have any assistance to choose the right charging station or cable, please contact our Carplug experts.