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Do I have to wait a long time for my electric car to be fully charged?

The time it takes your electric car to fully charge can vary from one to another.

This depends on the size of the battery and the speed of the charging station.

As for the spead of charging stations, Carplug helps you to charge your electric car faster and safer and offers a wide range of charging points and stations to help you drive to work or a roadtrip vacation with a fully charged battery.

Discover our charging stations, which will enable you to charge up to 8 times faster than using a wall outlet.
Not only will you have a fast charge, but you will also be safe and save money. Besides, you can monitor the charging process on your smartphone and control the charging power of your device.

What is more important than how long it takes to charge your EV, is that how many KM your EV can go when you recharge it:

Kilometers added per hour of EV charging
3.7kW slow 7kW fast 22kW fast 43-50kW rapid 150kW rapid
Up to 24 KM Up to 48 KM Up to 144 KM Up to 144 KM in 30 mins Up to 321 miles in 30 mins

Elements which will affect the charging speed of your EV

1- Battery size: If you have a big battery capacity for your EV, it will take longer to charge your car. However it will surely keep you on the road for longer distance.

2- Battery charging power: Your EV accepts only a certain power. So if you're using a 22kW charging station and your EV can only charge at 7kW.

3- Charging station power: Also the same goes for the charging station. Charging station can offer a maximum power to your EV. So if you have a high battery capacity, you better buy a charging station that can offer you a high power that matches with your E-car.

4- External elements: In a cold weather, it takes slightly longer to charge your EV. Due to that, you may have less KM added per a charge.

If you wish to know more information, please contact our Carplug experts.