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Wallbox guide: using an electric charging station in your company

What are the obligations of companies for the installation of a wallbox?

The use of wallboxes to develop electric mobility is also central in companies. Already since 2015 they had to pre-equip a certain quota of parking spaces to accommodate charging solutions, in accordance with the Law on Energy Transition and the Building Code. But since the Loi d'orientation des mobilités (LOM) came into force in January 2020, there are other parameters that come into play for the installation of wallboxes such as the date of the building permit or the number of total parking spaces. Obligations vary depending on the sector of activity of the company, for example for companies in the tertiary or industrial sector whose parking capacity is less than or equal to 40 spaces, 10% of the parking spaces will have to be equipped with an electric charging station while cinemas or commercial complexes will have to equip only 5% of the spaces.
In general, at least 5% of the parking spaces are intended to accommodate wallboxes for electric cars. Companies in the industrial and tertiary sectors, commercial complexes, cinemas and public services that own a parking lot are concerned by these obligations.

The advantages of installing wallboxes in your company

Installing a wallbox in your company's premises will help your employees to switch to green mobility and encourage the emergence of the electric car, and thus show your company's environmental commitment.
Moreover, if you are a business or a restaurant, putting electric wallboxes at the disposal of your customers will encourage them to stay longer at your place, while their electric vehicle is recharging and will provide them with an additional comfort.
In France, for companies with a large fleet of cars, installing wallboxes will also reduce costs since it will save on maintenance and fuel costs.
In addition, the State has set up a bonus called "Advenir" for companies as part of a plan to help with the electric transition. It covers the initial costs of the purchase and installation of the charging point for all companies wishing to install one or more electric wallboxes in their parking lot. For example in France, the maximum amount of the premium per charging point is 1000 euros (excluding VAT), so it is possible to reduce the costs by 40%.

Want to know more about the installation of electric wallboxes in companies?

In order to enter into an eco-responsible approach, many companies offer their employees wallboxes so that they can recharge their electric vehicles freely. That's why, to help you in this evolution, Carplug offers a wide range of wallboxes to equip your companies.
You can also find our products on our website: wallboxes, charging points for electric cars, accessories and more, as well as our guide which will show you the different types of plugs for electric cars or how to choose your charging point.

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