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Wallbox guide: using a charging station safely

With the rise of electric cars, a more and more complete regulation has been created. All the actors have to adapt to equip themselves with these vehicles, in particular with the installation of electric charging wallboxes. Carplug informs you about the rules to respect in order to use them and recharge your electric car safely.

What does the law say about installing wallboxes on your property?

You do not need to obtain a specific authorization to install a wallbox in your property if you live in a single-family home. However, if you live in a condominium and you wish to install a wallbox, you will have to inform your trustee by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, even if he can normally no longer oppose it because of the "right to plug" since the law on the energy transition of 2011, which authorizes you to benefit from a recharging system or to install one at your expense for your electric car. However, the installation of your wallbox must be done on a parking space with secure access for private use.
In addition, since the decree of January 12, 2017, charging points for electric vehicles must be installed by authorized professionals, except in the case of outlets with a power less than or equal to 3.7 kW and that they are located in a private dwelling or are not accessible to the public.

How to use an electric charging station safely?

First of all, it is important to know that our wallboxes cannot have an attached cable in order to make their access independent of the nature of the connector base on the vehicle side. In general, all car manufacturers market one or more cables with the vehicle.
Moreover, for safety reasons, the regulations require that the socket of your wallbox be equipped with a plug for additional protection, it will protect you from unfortunate manipulations.
Finally, for a good use, the electric cables which feed your wallbox must be rigid and of 10 mm2 diameter.

Want to know more about using a wallbox?

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how to use a wallbox for electric cars, our team of experts will be available to give you the best advice. The power of Carplug wallboxes will allow you to charge your Tesla, Zoe or any other electric vehicle efficiently without the need for a large electrical supply.
In addition, find our guide that will help you to choose your wallbox or to know the complete cost of an electric wallbox.
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