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Faq Sections

General questions

Are all the charging stations / wallboxes compatible with all electric cars?

o  there isn't one charging station per vehicle. All home charging stations are capable of charging all electric vehicles.

How long does it take to recharge an electric vehicle?

o   4h to 12h on average with a Wallbox charging station, 24h with a mobile terminal connected to a domestic socket.

o    To calculate the exact duration, you must divide the capacity of your battery by the power of your terminal.

Example: if you recharge your Renault ZOE 40kW/h with a 7.4kw charging station (i.e. single-phase 230V 32A), then a full recharge will last 40/7.4= 5h30

Do all charging stations have the same plug?

o NO, In Europe, the majority of terminals have a type 2 plug. In France, the type 2 socket must have a safety shutter (only for individuals at home). This is to avoid any accidental contact with the terminal's contactors. This plug is called Type 2S (S for Shutter in English). All electric cars are compatible with all type 2 terminals. In France, there are still Type 3 terminals, which can charge a Type 2 car, provided that you have a T2-T3 adapter.

o Direct Current Sockets: on the highway, there are fast charging stations, which operate on direct current. There are two standards in Europe for fast charging: the CHAdeMO socket and the Combo CCS socket. Most electric vehicles have a type 2 socket for slow charging, and a CHAdeMO or CCS socket for fast charging.

Do all charging stations are rain resistant ?

o YES. All charging stations available our website are rain resistant. They are IP54 (heavy rain protection rating).

Do I need to buy a charging station for my electric car?

Charging your electric car with a charger is safer, faster and cheaper. Safer as the charger is intelligent and controls the flow of energy through the cable. Fast, because the charging process is around eight times faster with a charger than with a cable. And last but not least, cheap, because you can charge your car outside of peak hours when electricity is cheaper than normal in some countries.

Stay safe:

You might think you could just take a patch cord, plug it into your car, and plug the other end into a power outlet, right? Here's why it's not that easy. A car battery that is plugged directly into the main electricity system of your home. Have you ever used an airfryer for 10 hours or more? As this is roughly the time it takes for most electric cars to fully charge a battery. The longer the current flows, the hotter the cables get. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is forbidden to connect your car directly to the mains with a so-called mode 1 charging cable.

Most cars these days come with a mode 2 charging cable, a simple cable but with a device installed that will stop charging in an emergency. You can connect it directly to the mains and it is valid for all types of car charging plugs. However, this is not the safest method of charging as it is a direct connection to the mains. Charging for a long time can have the same effects as a mode 1 cable. Do you remember the example of the hair dryer charging ten hours? And there is one more important factor: you can only charge your car very slowly.

Speed ​​up the charging process

Charging your car with a smart charger is about ten times faster than charging with a simple cable! Most chargers and public charging stations offer up to 22 kW of power, while your household socket can only deliver up to 3.7 kW of power, with 2.3 kW being the maximum recommended power. How fast you can charge your car in the end depends on the battery capacity of your car and the actual charging power that is available.

Save money

Smart charging saves you money as you can charge your car at low electricity prices. Companies try to offset the peaks when a lot of people are using electricity, such as when they come home from work in the evening. As a result, electricity is often cheaper late at night or early in the morning. So during these times you can save money. This is because these are typical times when not so many people are using electricity. With a simple click on your phone, you can tell your charger when to start charging your car.

Do I have to modify the electrical installation of my house/building/business to install a charging station?

o   NO. It is preferable to buy a charging station capable to adapt to your installation 

  • Three-phase or single-phase charging station depending on your installation
  • The charging power will be limited to the available power of your installation
  • If you want a faster charge, you will have to ask your electrical supplier for a higher amperage in the main panel.
How long is the warranty on the electric car chargers?

All our products are guaranteed for 2 years, in accordance with the European legislation.

How far an electric car can go on the road?

Can i go on a long road trip after i fully charge my electric vehicle ?

The answer to this question will be depending on the battery capacity and size of your electric car.

Here are some examples:



Nissan Leaf 168 miles
Hyundai Kona Electric 279 miles
Volkswagen e-Golf 144 miles
Tesla Model S 379 miles
Polestar 2 292 miles
Mercedes EQC 259 miles
Audi e-tron 249 miles

If you need more information about electric chargers compatible with your EV , please contact our Carplug experts available by email or by phone.

What is the difference between single phase and three phase car charger cable?

o    Single phase = To have a charging power of 22 kW , the three-phase 32A cable is essential.
o    Three phase = For a 7.4 kW charging station, a single-phase 32A cable will be sufficient.

Choosing a charging station and charging cable

How to choose charging station / EV for my electric car?

o    A charing station could be chosen on the basis of the power and the activation mode it offers :

Power supply :

  • Single or three-phase depending on the installation
  • Choose an adjustable amperage from 10 to 32A to adapt the power to your installation

Activation :

  • Plug and Play option is for a totally private parking lot or at home
  • RFID card if public, company or condominium parking which who owns the RFID card can access and charge the charging point
How do I choose my charging cable for my electric car?

    o The charging cable is chosen according to your car (single-phase or three-phase), the car plug (type 1 or type 2) and the distance between the car and the charging station (5, 7 or 10 m)

Charging station installation

Where to find a qualified IRVE installer?

o You can contact the IRVE qualified electrician of your choice from the following site :


Products and Showroom

I'd like assistance to choose a charging station for my electric car. How can i reach you?

Please consult our following information pages, which will guide you in the choice of your charging stations:

Our customer service is also at your disposal, from Monday to Friday 9h-18h:


Tel: +33 3 67 10 41 41 (France)

+32 23 19 41 42 (Belgium)


Do you have a showroom?

Yes, You're welcome to visit us. We would be happy to introduce you to the operation of our charging stations, charging cables and accessories, as well as our MyCarplug management software. Please make an appointment by email ( ) or by phone (+33 3 67 10 41 41) before your visit. Our address is:


Sphere Business Park
1731 Zellik


Shipping and delivery

What is the delivery time of my order?

48H. Once we have received payment for your order, you will receive it within 48 Hours.

We ship our orders via the UPS professional delivery service! This time depends of course on the availability of our products which are indicated on our site. We may have supply defects on certain products. In this case, we warn the customer as soon as possible to offer them an equivalent product or a refund. Please note that the delivery time will be indicated on each selected product which my vary.

How much does the shipping cost?

The cost of 9.90 € corresponds to the order picking and packaging costs, as well as the cost of our delivery service with tracking via UPS.

Carplug may also offer free delivery on selected charging stations which will be stated on the product and the checkout.

Carplug wants to offer the best shopping experience possible to all of its customers, which is why the company has chosen the UPS Express delivery service, which is reputed to be one of the most reliable in Europe. The follow-up is automatic, by email, but also by phone. If UPS can not deliver you, the driver will call you to arrange another date and / or delivery location with you.

How to track my order ?

Automatically you will receive by email, the new order statuses at each step. Since your customer account , you can always follow the progress of your order. And if you wish, you can contact our customer service from Monday to Friday from 9h to 17h at +33 367 104 141 (France) or +32 23 19 41 42 (Belgium), or by email at

Payment and Refund

How to pay for my orders?

Carplug accepts payments by:

  • Credit Card: Carte Bleue, VISA Card, MASTERCARD Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer: The Carplug bank details are:

o Bank account: Carplug

o IBAN: FR7630027175330002015640131


All of our payment methods are detailed on secure payment

Is it possible to receive the refund on a credit card or a different Paypal account ?

Unfortunately, we can not make this kind of change. We will refund you on the credit card or Paypal account that was used for the order.

Order cancellation

Order cancellation is possible, only in case if your order is not being prepared or already shipped. It is necessary to contact customer service for any cancellation asap.

In case of refund, when can I see it in my bank account?

Carplug will confirm your refund by email. After receiving it, allow up to 7 days for the refund to appear on your bank statement.

In case of refund by Paypal, it should appear under 24 hours maximum.

Conditions of return

Claim time frame and litigation

On receipt of your order you have 14 days to establish your claim, in the following cases:

  • Product (s) arrived broken
  • You ordered the wrong product
  • You have received the wrong product
  • You are not satisfied with the quality of the product
Is there an issue with your order?

we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

  • Product (s) arrived (s) broken: please contact the customer service who will send you a UPS label.
  • Product received different from the product ordered: please contact the customer service who will send you a UPS return label.
  • Product ordered by mistake: In this case the return cost will be paid by the client.
  • Amount received different from the quantity ordered: in case of missing products, please contact customer service. We will process your request as soon as possible.
Return policy

All returned items must be in new condition, intact and complete in their original packaging within 14 days starting from the delivery date. They must be sufficiently well protected to avoid any damage during transit. For any questions, the customer service is at your disposal .